Jerry Foister taking telephone pizza orders at Morningside Pizza.

Jerry Foister taking telephone pizza orders at Morningside Pizza.


A tradition began in the fall of 1959 when Jerry & Ilene Foister opened their first pizza house, Morningside Pizza, in Sioux City. 

At the time, there were only two pizza places in town and Jerry’s was the first to offer delivery service. The first night, they rolled pizzas with a rolling pin on a card table and used a shoe box for a cash register. The young couple worked long hours to satisfy the appetites of pizza lovers. The ingredients as well as the personal service have long been a staple of Jerry’s Pizza.

Although there have been many changes in the pizza business, the quality of Jerry’s pizza has never changed. Jerry’s has a reputation for piling on the toppings, using quality ingredients - only the finest ground beef, real pork sausage, real pepperoni and real mozzarella cheese. There’s nothing artificial about Jerry’s Pizza. It’s still the same local, made from scratch pizza that thousands of customers have enjoyed for nearly six decades.


Today, Jerry’s Pizza remains a family business. Sons, Michael & Terry purchased Jerry’s Pizza in 1991 following the death of Jerry. The third and fourth generation are now in the business with Jerry & Ilene’s grandkids and great-grandchildren working now.


The Foisters still use the same recipe made famous by their parents, which keeps the pizza’s crust the traditional thin and crispy texture customers have loved over the years - a family secret passed down from one generation to the next.